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Donations are subject to the provisions of the Law of 21 December 2007 on the financing of political parties.

Art. 8.
Only natural persons are authorised to make donations to political parties and their components. For the purposes of this Act, a donation to a political party means any voluntary act with a view to granting a party a specific advantage of an economic nature that can be evaluated in cash.
 Donations from a legal person are not permitted. The same applies to donations made by associations, groups or bodies that do not have legal personality. Anonymous donations are prohibited.

Art. 9.
The identity of natural persons who make donations, in any form whatsoever, to political parties and their components, shall be recorded by the beneficiary.
Any component of a party must declare to the competent national body the donors and donations collected by it, notwithstanding its statutory autonomy.
Political parties shall draw up a statement of donors and annual donations in excess of two hundred and fifty euros, which shall be filed each year together with the party's accounts and balance sheets with the Prime Minister, Minister of State, with a copy to the President of the Chamber of Deputies, in accordance with Article 6.

Art. 10.
Payments made personally by representatives on the basis of their remuneration or allowances to a political party or its components are not considered to be donations.

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